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The Estonian War of Independence started 90 years ago

90 years ago- on 28th of November 1918 The Estonian War of Independence (1918-1920) begun with the Red Army onslaught on Narva. We are bringing to you a brief overviewing photo display consentrating on four aspects that resulted in granting us the so valuable victory in the war. The importance of The Estonian War of Independence and people having lost their lives in it can never be valued enough in establishing our sovereignity. The victory that granted our freedom did however not come easily… As no start ever is, this was not an easy one either. But with help from outside and strength within our country we made it and ensured ourselves freedom and national independence for our young newly-born Republic of Estonia. On the first five photos the two of many major factors that eased the difficult start can be seen- armoured trains and first capital ships of The Estonian Marine Corps. The Father of the armoured trains- as he was called- Johan Pitka became the Rear Admiral of The Estonian Marine Corps later on. Armoured trains granted military success straight on from the beginning and one could say these were one of the causes why the war resulted victoriously for Estonia. The first battleship with Estonian national flag on it was a cannon ship “Bobr” taken over from the Germans. After it had been re-built it was given the name “Lembitu” after an ancient Estonian war hero. When the Royal Squadron arrived Tallinn for military help, two russian mine cruisers were captured and turned over to Estonia. These were named “Lennuk” and “Vambola”. The next five photos display foreign assistance- the arrival of British naval forces and help from Scandinavian states that were also influential in granting the victory. Estonia was not left alone in the war that had begun. Thanks to the British fleet Estonia had total control over the sea. The Finns and Danes on the other hand were of help on the land. The Finnish volunteer units under leadership of major Ekström was named The Regiment of Nordic Sons- Põhja Pojad. The next five photos display the actions of war. The national battallions were achieving success as well, these were the following: The Kaleva Malev, partisan battallions of Sakala and Tartu and the cannon batteries. The last six photographs depict moments of grandeur and rest. Even at times of war it is important to hold parades, celebrate birthdays and other occassions. For each soldier the few moments of rest are of most importance whether it is done having a cigarette break in trenches or sleeping to keep the spirits up and minds clear.

EFA 4-4333 Armoured train on its way to the front. Johan Pitka, The Father of the armoured trains, is standing on the cannon tower.
EFA A-287-190 Cannon platform “Onu Tom” (Uncle Tom) of the armoured train nr. 3
EFA 0-40439 Mine cruiser “Lennuk”
EFA 0-52198 On cannon ship “Lembitu” (Photo: Parikas 1919)
EFA A-287-331 Mine cruiser “Wambola” (Photo: Parikas)
EFA 0-52051 Royal Navy Admiral Kelly arriving Tallinn (Photo: K. Akel)
EFA 4-3481 Sitting in the front row (from left): The Royal Navy Rear Admiral Sir Sinclair, Estonian minister of War Konstantin Päts, Major General Johan Laidoner (Photo: 1918)
EFA 2-130 Battle flag of The Regiment of Nordic Sons- “Põhja Pojad” (Photo: 1919)
EFA 4-5666 Ward in a hospital run by the Danish volunteers
EFA 2-146 Field artillery soldiers of The Regiment of Nordic Sons (Photo: 1919)
FA A-308-3 Battle flag of the Tartu partisan’ battallion
EFA A-29-41 Battle flag of the Sakala partisans’ battallion
EFA 0-52287 To the battle! (Photo: Parikas)
EFA A-286-199 Aiming at the enemy… (Photo: 1919)
EFA A-269-308 …and protecting the fatherland.
EFA A-288-169 Parade on Peter’s Square on 1st of January 1919 (Photo: Parikas 1919)
EFA A-288-200 Celebrating the anniversary of Kaleva Malev
EFA A-286-248 Celebrating a birthday party on the front line
EFA A-286-222 Cigarette break
EFA A-269-102 Living quarters of Kaleva Malev(Photo: 1919)
EFA A-286-251 Kaleva Malev having a rest


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